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VTE Cloud guide: how to activate and manage the credit

VTE Cloud guide: how to activate and manage the credit

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With VTECRM you can enjoy a web CRM service, managing it independently, easy as an online purchase. Discover now how it works. In this article you find everything you have to know.

81. VTE Cloud works on a “prepaid” base. What does it mean? Think about your phone credit: you buy 10€ and then you could have just one, 10-minutes long phone call, or 10 short calls just 1 minute long. Cloud credit works in the same way. The charge is 12€ user/month, so the amount you purchase lasts more or less depending on the number of active user. For example: 144€ equals to 1 user for 1 year CRM service. If you create a second user, the credit expires in 6 months; if you create a third user, the credit expires in 4 months, and so on.

2. Which are the advantages? First of all, you pay only what you really use. Also, you decide independently when to buy some new credit and how much, depending on how may users you need. You are your only supplier.

3. If yours is a startup company and you would like to try VTECRM without paying too much for a big CRM project, through VTE Cloud you can “do it yourself” as long as you need, adding user by user if necessary.

4. Got users which have to stop working on CRM for a period? VTE Cloud allows you to disable them, turning into “ghost-users”, not paying their charge because it’s not actually used.

5. As a web formula, you don’t need any IT hardware or skill. You have just to sign up for the service following the steps below, then login to VTE Cloud and enjoy the work.

6. VTE Cloud offers you the first 12€ for free (equals to 1 user for 1 month). During or towards the end of the free period, you may purchase new credit and keep on working on VTE Business (always up-to-date). From that moment, in case of problems you can access the technical support.

7. Through the online store, you can always add extra components to the basic VTE Cloud: see the website and discover plugins, advanced modules and other. They works in the same way: their charge (standard 3€ user/month) it’s added to the basic 12€ u/m.


VTE Cloud activation

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1. Go to this page and sign up: enter email, password, check the box “Active VTE Cloud” and solve the security captcha.

12. You receive the confermation email: click the link as requested.

2 33. You are redirected to the website. Here you see the signing up confermation and the VTE Cloud (the web CRM) activation succeeded.

4 4. You receive 2 other emails: the sign up confermation and the link to access VTE Cloud.

5a 5. If you don’t receive the activation succeeded, go to the website, Products menu, Cloud column, click on Activate Free.

66. If you see the activation failed red warning, VTE Cloud has been already activated, check out your mailbox for the email.

77. Through the link in the email, access to VTE Cloud entering your credentials (the same as for the website).



Buying credit

1. Through the See Credit button (up-left), open the credit panel and manage your VTE Cloud account.

92. Here you can control the expiring date, the charge applied (remember: 12€ user/month), the extra components added. Enter the desired amount (you can see € equals to days, according to the number of active users) and click Buy Credit.

103. You are redirected to the Store section. Check the cart and proceed to the check out.


Managing the credit by user

1. As VTE Cloud admin user, go to Settings > Users > selected user (except admin itself).

2. Edit the field Active into Not Active. From now until the reactivation, no activity is permitted for the user and its charge is frozen.

133. While you are creating a new user, as well you can choose the Not Active option.

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