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Plugin per Mailchimp
Il modulo permette il collegamento bidirezionale di VTECRM con la piattaforma di newsletter Mailchimp. Attraverso questo plugin, le liste di destinatari create in VTECRM e composte da leads, aziende e contatti, sono inviate a Mailchimp. Con Mailchimp viene gestita la generazione del template email e l'invio della newsletter. In VTECRM abbiamo a disposizione le statistiche di invio/apertura/click ecc.

Alcune funzionalità del plugin:
  • Caricamento liste Mailchimp
  • Creazione segmenti statici sulla lista Mailchimp a partire dal target impostato su VTECRM
  • Sincronizzazione delle campagne Mailchimp su VTECRM
  • Sincronizzazione delle statistiche delle campagne Mailchimp su VTECRM
  • Collegamento del target alla campagna
Plug in for Exchange
This module allows to have calendar and contacts synchronized between VTECRM and Microsoft Exchange .

Plug in for Exchange is an additional feature of VTE Cloud that allows the Microsoft Exchange synchronization with VTECRM. In other words, you will have appointments and address book contacts always up to date on both servers. The synchronization is bidirectional and in real time.
Plug in for Magento
Plugin for the connection of VTECRM with the Magento eCommerce platform.

Through this plugin you can: Manage the product catalog uniquely directly from VTECRM; Record your customers in a simple and automatic way: at the first purchase the customer is in fact added to Magento and VTECRM, at the subsequent purchases, the orders are automatically linked to its customer file; monitor quickly the stock and availability.
Plug in for AD HOC
Through this form you can synchronize companies, contacts , products, services, related tables and orders, between VTECRM and AdHoc Revolution of Zucchetti . For example synchronizes customers AdHoc ( Accounts ), references AdHoc ( Contacts), terms of payment , customer banks , services , orders. With the installation of the plugin are also ​​available in VTECRM the modules : Banks , Payment terms , Our banks and Headquarters.
Plug in for Alfresco
Alfresco is a documentary program that allows you to save documents with a series of accesses. It’s an open platform that allows to manage business-critical content , improve compliance , optimize processes and make collaboration easy . Through this plugin you can synchronize the Alfresco content with VTECRM , managing data directly from the CRM . When you add a document in VTE , it is automatically added to Alfresco . You can also search for documents in VTECRM directly from Alfresco .
Plug in for Qlikview
The integration with QlikView allows you to read data on VTE CRM , create reports and graphs of QlikView (for example, you can create a customer classification by importance and marginality), population of data products on QlikView to the entities of VTE (eg: the customers classified by importance of QlikView are identified in the relevant customer card of VTE).
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