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VTECRM 5.1: back to the future

VTECRM 5.1: back to the future

On September 29, 2014, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

Apart of some new features that you can find described on our website, one interesting thing about VTECRM 5.1 – that will be released to the public on Q3-2014 – is the reintroduction of something that we have dismissed before publishing it.

I’m talking about the MacroArea menu.

This feature was present only in the alpha version of VTE5, so only the partners saw it, and was about having a thematic area on which you can organize different modules that have the same mission under a “unique umbrella”.

It’s all around having a search or viewing a list of record all related to the same side of the coin. This is already present on VTE5, but limited to the global search – yes, the one on the right top corner of the VTE.

But last weeks, a parter of us, Kpro Consulting went out with a new solution of safety risk management called VTESRM that uses part of that feature as it was introduced in the VTE5alpha.

After seeing it in action we were less frightened about introducing big reviews in our software, because it looks like it was appreciated by someone.

So, let’s back to the future!

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