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VTE Cloud Voice

VTE Cloud Voice

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VTE Cloud Voice: CRM + VOICE (only for Italy)

VTE and its partners are creating unique solutions for the CRM market. We want to improve and simplify with our services the work of the organizations who have to do directly with customers.

For this reason we have designed a CRM + VOICE service that allows your team to manage commercial or customer service activities in a dedicated way.

The service avoids any installation and it starts immediately integrated with your CRM.

Why VTE Cloud Voice?

  • If you want start now.
  • If you want to manage teams distributed in Italy.
  • If you don’t want acquire technical infrastructure within your organization.

Key elements of the service

  • No installation costs.
  • Service costs linked with the effective use.
  • Real-time information about incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Click-to-call and incoming pop-up calls that display immediately the customer profile.
  • Very low costs for abroad calls.
  • When a new customer calls, the call is being recorded. So, the customer data will be displayed in the next incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Calls history stored in the customer record.

For more information
Write to info@vtecrm.com. Remember that the service is only available for italian customers.

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