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Introducing VTE 15.05 Business: a wave of innovation

Introducing VTE 15.05 Business: a wave of innovation

On May 28, 2015, Posted by , In News, With 2 Comments

We answer immediately to your first question: why not VTE 5.2? Simple: from now on, the name refers to the release date, in this case May 2015. It will be easier to remember when the system was updated last.
Eager to see what’s new? Well, here’s what we introduced in VTE 15.05 Business.

  • Tool for tracking the activities, with play/stop buttons: counting the time spent on customers, support, communication and other activities, and displaying it in the calendar
  • Wizard for creating calendar events starting from the related object, viewing hours/days and placing the event through point and click
  • Translation button for instant translation of emails via Google Translate
  • Preview button for seeing email attachments without downloading: pdf, odf and common image formats are supported
  • Download button for groups of attachments, which are downloaded in one zip file
  • Introduction of ics support, to receive invitations via email and add events to the calendar
  • Wizard for creating new modules: layout setting, relationships with other modules, labels, ability to import/export modules, advanced sdk editor, and more
  • Wizard for importing data from csv and database: dynamic table, sql query for advanced extraction, data convertion rules, scheduling, and more
  • Improvement of calendar settings, more similar to the system general configuration
  • Now it’s official the PHP 5.5 support

For updating contact your local partner/reseller.

2 Comments so far:

  1. Francesco Vendola says:

    Come al solito un grande lavoro dello sviluppo centrale…… bravi ragazzi!!!!!

  2. Andrea F. says:

    le novit√† descritte mi attirano molto, non vedo l’ora di provarle :)

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