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How to synchronize Windows 10 calendar with VTECRM

How to synchronize Windows 10 calendar with VTECRM

On August 13, 2015, Posted by , In News,Plugin,VTE Cloud, With No Comments

Windows 10, the latest Microsoft release that is rolling out worldwide, features an internal calendar which can be synchronized with VTECRM. This means, when you add a new event in your VTE calendar, the same event will show up in Windows 10 calendar, and vice-versa.

You need to activate VTE ActiveSync (extra component), be sure to enable it in VTECRM user settings, then proceed to configure the account in Windows 10 calendar.

Follow this steps (click to enlarge the images).

1. Settings > Account


2. Add account


3. Advanced configuration


4. Exchange ActiveSync


5. Enter all the information


6. Enter the information and access


7. Now all the events are synchronized with VTECRM’s



For VTE Cloud, the ActiveSync is available in the Store. For VTE On Premise, contact your local Partner.

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