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10 reasons to choose open source

10 reasons to choose open source

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In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny! In the following you can find 10 reasons to choose free software:

  1. Better quality
    The 80% of users who have chosen the open source software, did it for the quality. The absence of constraints and the opportunity for any developer to participate are the reasons why open source applications are made of higher quality and remain reliable over time.
  2. The faster innovation
    You focus on what matters most to increase the involvement of the same companies in the development of collaborative software. Improve the business objectives for the benefit of innovation.
  3. The scalable investment
    Open source lowers the initial costs and it is easier to scale over time, compared to a proprietary system that adds more cost and complexity in proportion to its growth.
  4. Security is verifiable
    One of the strengths of open software is security. The transparency of the code and the control that receives from all users are the best guarantee.
  5. The group is better than the single
    Open source allows you to create a community of people who believe in the technologies and they love to see them come to light.
  6. Freedom to everyone
    It is possible to change the functionality of the application, migrate or invent new services. You can do it by participating in the open source community and becoming part of the change.
  7. The adaptability to changing times
    The development model of open source allows the software to adapt to changes due to the passage of time. Indeed, often the innovations comes just from this area!
  8. The possibility to choose
    A closed solution is stringent and can not satisfy all needs. A common open source platform means to have interoperable solutions and choose the right one.
  9. A great variety of solutions
    Nowadays we have more than 1 million open source projects, more than 100 billion lines of code and at least 10 million people who contribute to make it grow. Result: a wide variety of solutions available to solve the most varied needs.
  10. Standard de facto
    Open source philosophy pursues standardization through making solutions a de facto standard, which fit perfectly with standardization efforts.

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