BPM+CRM Software for marketing, sales and service



Managed Processes

Thanks to the use of our CRM applications you can digitalize business processes in order to make transactions quicker and easier and optimize customer management
Through VTE CRM you can manage the process of customer acquisition in the follow way:

Leads from different channels are assigned and managed by the sales force .
It can then be converted into Company , Contact and Opportunity

Through VTECRM you can manage the process of negotiation management :

The customer is managed by the opportunities that become quotes and orders.

Through VTECRM you can manage in this way the marketing processes :

Trough marketing campaigns and targets you can organize your client lists , leads, contacts in order to activate newsletter , telemarketing campaigns and events.

Through VTECRM you can manage the process of Customer Service (Customer Service ) in the follow way:

Trough the customer support form you can manage the require of support from customers trough customer portal or traditional channels.

Trough VTECRM you can manage the processes of collaboration and Smart Working as follows:

Through forms for collaboration and sharing of information within the organization you can exchange information between the team itself and / or to customers.