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What distinguishes VTE?
  • Single-cycle : the management of VTE covers all areas of CRM plus some ERP areas (Warehouse, lists , DDT)
  • Open source technology
  • Italian design
  • Management “business mail”
  • Management NCRM © Natural CRM/li>
  • Available on APP and WEB
What type of company is aimed to VTE?

VTE is the ideal solution to create their own contemporary commercial structure. Specifically :

  • Groups of companies
  • Firms with offices abroad
  • Enterprises with distributed networks sale
  • Enterprises with many users with specific thrusts and vertical solutions for specific business situations
What kind of functions does VTE have?
  • All major CRM processes , such as marketing, sales , customer support
  • Reporting on the activities developed commercially
  • Management of the business calendar and email (Business Mail)
  • Budget management
  • Management of business opportunities
  • Management hierarchies and profiling data up to the individual field
  • Warehouse Management
  • Lists management
  • Billing
Where to install VTE?

The solution is available in different modes, the main ones:

  • Cloud charging user/month
  • On-premise pricing one shot, fixed user fee/year
  • Hybrid cloud and on-premise
What is the Business Mail?

The Business Mail means that VTE is able to manage the mail flow to and from the customers within the sales team or customer service by managing within the same application of the e-mail and business processes in the specific CRM.

There are no obligations by choosing VTE?

VTE allows a mechanism of NO LOCK – IN users , which means freedom to decide to change platform by migrating the data in it. Ability to change from one mode of use to another, from on-premise to the cloud and vice versa. Possibility of reducing the number of users or increase them to your liking. Chance to try without incurring any costs.

Why VTE allows flexible and is easy to start?

The platform is due to be an open -source, built on standard programming languages, this architecture allows for a quick change and a great ability to adapt to the needs of the business to manage.

Why VTE CRM is defined as a con- temporary?

Because it respects the characteristics of our society:

  • Open
  • Flexible and dynamic
  • Cost control
  • Quickly adaptable to the context
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-Currency
  • Temporary, can be used to test projects on areas of business start-ups, commercial divisions
Solutions which integrates VTE

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