BPM+CRM Software for marketing, sales and service



Technical Features

SDK Software Development KIT
The software development kit allows you to develop and extend the application at will without affecting the CORE part of the application. In this way you can maintain over time updates and customizations implemented .
Creating Modules
Ability to create their own modules to map processes not present in the standard modules. In this way, the administrator can customize at will the application without using the code. At the end of the work is possible to export and import the forms created.
Data Entry
It allows to connect via graphical interface to corporate databases to synchronize data using appropriate key combination .
Creazione webform
It allow to create web form to connect automatically the request form of potential customers with CRM
Web Services
Provide access to functionality and data of vtecrm via access token . Web services are active for each module .
Management Processes
It’s possible to manage processes related to customers through the use of workflow , states , conditional fields .Using these tools you can create processes with the logic of states progress and authorization based on their role.
Management roles , profiles , rules Advanced sharing
Through an advanced profiling system , the application allows you to implement your organization chart so you comply with all the rights display rights pre - existing in the organization.
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