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Process Manager

To implement a real and successful CRM strategy within a complex organization it is essential that CRM is integrated in the different business areas and that they are working in a coordinated way in the execution of tasks and to achieve the objectives.
To achieve this we have decided to implement, within VTE CRM, the typical functions of a BPM software, that is a system that allows you to map business processes and manage them through a task system and assignments to authorized users.

Benefits of process management with VTE
  • substantial reduction of human errors in the execution of procedures
  • more speed of execution
  • execution of simple or complex business processes in a certain and standardized way
  • verification of any bottlenecks in the organization
  • reduction of learning times of the procedures

VTE process driven allows:

Tools of process
Tools of process administration
additional compared to Workflow
configuration of process
Composition and
configuration of process
CRM module
View of the process
within the CRM module
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