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Process-driven crm for marketing, sales and service based on open source platform.

VTE NEXT: the only one application CRM OPEN SOURCE ENTERPRISE in which CRM functions are integrated with those of a software BPM


Our mission is to facilitate and simplify the organization of companies, particularly thanks to the digitalization of customer management processes using open source technology, which enables transparency and know-how spread. We put our knowledge at your service, providing an unique environment for the management of customers, suppliers, partners, communities, internal team and for communication between the various areas. To achieve that purpose we have simplified the technology, using tools and processes that people already use and know, driving them to a simple and intuitive approach to CRM, starting with basic tools.


The production site of VTE CRM is located in Italy , near Verona , and it consists in a staff of professionals, fully dedicated to the development of VTE core, as well as customer service, consultants and management. The commercial office is located in London, where a selected staff manages relationships with partners. We believe in the power of collaboration and we have created a network of partners and resellers operating around the world in order to offer to the customer service and support even if it’s located far from our Italian headquarters. We also work with more than 200 Certified Developers, to ensure constant innovation.


Vtecrm is distributed through partners that are real CRM consultants able to implement the processes of customer management. This network is constantly expanding and now has more than 50 companies with over 100 certified developers on environment VTE SDK and tens of VTE Project Manager. The strength of the network allows to maximize the value for customers through the necessary implementation activities and consulting related to the development of the CRM project. Very often infact the CRM projects don’t begin in the best way because it is followed by unqualified staff. The role of the partners is therefore to provide an interface to make real operating the processes through a support or guide in order to optimize the timing of organization. The partners also care the human aspects so that new processes and management methods are welcomed in a positive and proactive way by the company staff. Our network consists of 3 different figures : Reseller , Partner , Master Partner. Choose the best professional figure according to your needs and enjoy VTE!
Giulio Visonà WSB Srl Account commerciale & Project Manager
Attilio dalla Libera WSB Srl Account commerciale & Project Manager
Davide Casadio Kelematica Srl Responsabile Commerciale
Domenico Curcio CAT SRL Project Manager
Roberto Salamone CAT SRL Formazione VTE
Marco Macari ITTWEB CRM Expert Consultant
Gabriele Ferri ITTWEB Full Stack CRM Developer
Luca Polidori ITTWEB Full Stack CRM Developer
Andrea Parmeggiani ITTWEB Full Stack CRM Developer
Matteo Mangiacavalli Project team Srl Account & Project Manager
Francesco Vendola Arcadia Teconologie Srl Responsabile Commerciale
Yari Baroni CED Srl Responsabile Commerciale
Stefano Spelta Agicoom S.r.l. Responsabile Commerciale
Leonardo Pagni AS Project di Pagni Leonardo CRM Specialist e Partner VTECRM
Simone Bruno Extra Tag Partner e sviluppatore moduli
Marco Zampieri Esqogito
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